PART I A LEG UP - adding legs to furniture

A very popular question I get asked about is the legs I add to many of my furniture pieces.
So I thought I would share some project photos and information
to show how dramatic and fun it can be.

I'm not going to suggest it's simple or easy.
Most every piece needs to be altered in some way to accept a set of legs.
On this particular dresser I had to add an apron around the exterior and bracing between the legs.

Measuring, cutting, gluing, clamping and screwing are all needed
when altering or adding to vintage furniture.

The set of solid wood legs used on this dresser came from a MDF topped coffee table.

Here are some more bedside tables I've added legs to.

I generally only use 2 fancy legs on the front and stock lumber legs
on the back. Below you can see the 4 solid oak legs used on this set above.
This was the bottom of a strange open box cabinet thing I found at a yard sale.

Here is another dresser that originally sat flat on the floor before I added the legs.
The legs used were purchased new at Windsor Plywood locally to me.
The bottom of this black chest needed to be re-enforced with some more framing
before I could safely add the new feet.

Getting any ideas yet?

More ideas available on Part II found here


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Here are just some of the items available for your projects.

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  1. I'm getting tons of ideas. You have me wanting to spend my morning searching craigslist!!

  2. Great inspiration! Adding legs makes a huge difference!

  3. Great ideas. Now I just need to find some old legs..

  4. Adding legs made a huge difference on all those pieces! I need to start looking at junk tables for their legs!

  5. Things look so much better on legs!!



  6. I can hear myself now at garage sales with my friend.... "I'm buying this one for it's legs". No furniture is safe from me any longer.


  7. Great ideas. Now if I could only add some longer legs to myself lol.

  8. Wow, I did not realize that adding legs makes such a big difference, it changes the look totally!!

    - Kim :)

  9. It's just amazing how you transform furniture.

  10. Your too much, really getting into the funiture building, good for you, great work. And yes, nice legs, always make a lady look good!

  11. You do a beautiful job of updating furniture with new legs! Do you have any that would fit this old body?;>) xo Diana

  12. Just what I needed to read this week after I found an MDF topped coffee table at a garage sale on Saturday. The guy just wanted to get rid of it as the top was quite warped and chipped, but the Queen Anne legs looked great, so I scored it for $1!! Can't wait to use them on something soon. I love the fact that you can make four legs go further by using stock lumber legs on the back of a piece and the fancy ones in front! Brilliance! Thanks so much for the tips.

  13. I am so glad you posted this tutorial. I have extra legs around here, but I am always unsure on how to secure them so the finished piece is not wobbly. Pinning this for my reference guide!!

  14. With this post, you have a new subscriber. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've been desperately searching for inexpensive used furniture with legs for easy cleaning of my daughter's new "big girl" room. That's harder than you might think around here! Knowing how to add legs safely opens up a whole new world of furniture possibilities for me. Thank you!! Now... off to read PART II.... :-)

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