HOW TO ADD LEGS to nightstands

I have not found one great place to purchase new furniture legs from. I have
seen them listed in Etsy shops, and ppl have told me they are also on Ebay. I
see them second hand in all sorts of thrift stores. They are on warn out couches
and chairs, mdf tables and broken stools, I have purchased furniture legs at 
many yard sales, wood table legs at the Restore, and cast iron ones at an 
antique store. The metal stove legs are a bit trickier to install with bolts and 
washers and such but it can be done. You can also cut legs from decorative 
posts. Once you start looking you might be surprised what you see out there, 
and it helps if you carry a saw with you everywhere you go. 

MDF coffee table legs are fairly easy to use for repurposing on night stands with the right tools.
A good example of an MDF coffee table can be seen in this article:
 You get 4 legs to use, they are made of solid wood, and it's only 1 or 2 bolts holding them in place. 
Coffee tables do come in different heights so keep this in mind when choosing.

#1 You will have to cut off the extra top part so they will sit flush under your night stand.


#2 Predrill and screw your legs into place on the front of your night stands.


#3 You need to cut back legs from some stock lumber to match the height of your front legs.


#4 Then glue and screw your back legs into place.

There you have it ...




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  1. Love this! I have two night stands just like your before ones waiting in my garage. I am going to revamp them and put them in my bedroom. I love how they look with the added legs plus my bed is pretty high. Now I just have to go find some legs!

  2. You so wonderfully creative. What a blessing to be able to imagine and then create like you do. Love all your pieces.. Blessings!

  3. I followed another of your links for adding legs like this to a table. So easy to do...and I love my table now!
    thanks for your simple and easy tutorials.
    these little tables looks so much cuter now! you did a great job as usual!

  4. You always have the best ideas. I am currently working on a complete bedroom makeover and I think that my nightstands could be taller. Thanks so much for posting all the details on how to do it.
    Have a great week.

  5. This is such a good idea. None of my furniture is probably safe now!

  6. I love this idea! Especially for so many nightstands that are too short for many of today's big beds. I have a set awaiting a makeover and I've thought of adding some feet to beef them up a bit. Great tutorial!

  7. LOVE these!!! Thank you for the tutorial~~



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