RAISED OVER $3700.00 - chairs for charity 2014

Chairs for Charity this year was another great success
with $3575 being raised at the evening event and an
additional $200 coming in later. This money will go
along way to buying toys for the many children the
Langley Christmas Bureau look after.

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CLOCK CABINET - my charity donation


The Passionate Home's Chairs for Charity Auction is underway
and all the donations are now on display at Frosting. All the silent
auction items are now open for bidding so stop by and see what
you want to place a bid on. I posted a lot of the pictures yesterday,
and saved my donation to share with you today.

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CHARITY EVENT - 2014 chairs for charity and more


We set up all the amazing donations for this year's Chairs for
Charity today at Frostings. Silent auction for half of the items
starts tomorrow and the live auction for the top items happens
Thursday night. Frostings cupcakery is located at the west end
of Langley's one way in down town. This charity event is a
fundraiser for our local Christmas bureau. This year it's not just
chairs, meaning there is all sorts of items donated and I have all
the photos to show you, except mine. That will come tomorrow.

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This is a peak at one of two beautiful nightstands I
salvaged once a mid-century waterfall vanity was ripped
into two. If you have thought about trying this yourself I'm
here to let you know you can do it but it takes a bit of work
and you need some patience to figure out how the vanity was
originally built.

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This year's annual Chairs for Charity is coming up soon.
This charity event is a fundraiser for our local Christmas
bureau where artists, bloggers, shop owners, and the like
use their skills to create something in the home décor
department that represents their passion and donates the
item to be auctioned off at a fun evening event right in
the down town of Langley.

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I use all sorts of legs when I'm building and redesigning
furniture but did you realize sometimes I even repurpose
legs from dining chairs. I like adding short legs to nightstands
and other pieces of furniture usually because they only need
a small lift, but when I want to lift something much higher I
look to the legs on dining chairs. Not all dining chairs have
reusable legs but those that can be used look great
when reworked into my style of furniture.
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