ART DECO VANITY TURNED NIGHTSTANDS - small space bedside cabinets

If you consider cutting up an old vanity for a
repurposing project just be cautions and think
through the process. In the end you have to fix
whatever damage is caused to the sides so
going slow in the beginning will help in the end.

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BEING A MARKET VENDOR - olde farmhouse spring market


Everyone waiting to attend a great vintage market, well
The Olde Farmhouse Market in Maple Ridge, BC is this
Saturday.  >>>>>>>>>> Woohoo! <<<<<<<<<<<<<

I still get asked by many if I will be a vendor there and
at other markets, unfortunately the answer is no. I can't
participate in these events for the same reason I had to
stop working outside of the home.
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So many ppl have seen or owned their own piece of
1970's colonial bedroom furniture. The stuff does last
and looks really good painted. This pair of nightstands
were spray painted using Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and
clear and dark wax used to create the look you see here
to the left. Check out the BEFORE AND AFTER
photos for this project.
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Learning how to use dark wax on white paint
in the hopes to achieve an aged appearance
is tricky! You will benefit from having some
extra confidence to experiment but I'm hoping
a little extra guidance will help you a long the
way. I have uploaded a short video showing
how I use dark wax on white furniture to get
the look you see on this large cabinet.

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HOW TO PAINT FRET WORK - white display cabinet

How do you paint fancy wood fret work on a glass fronted
cabinet without getting paint on the glass? The first thing
to consider is taking the glass out. In many cases though 
the glass is secured so well into the door frame that more 
damage would be caused trying to remove it than it is 
worth. Today I'll share how I spray painted the fret work 
on my cabinet. This option works for brush painting also.

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CHECKERED FUTURE - natural wood and white dresser

We've all heard the saying "Don't judge a book by
it's cover" well this 1920's dresser definitely proved
that statement true. The exterior was in nice shape,
well stained and polyurethaned, the problem
was inside ...  

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WHITE VINTAGE STYLED DESK - metal details & rope handles

SHABBY CHIC OFFICE ... here I come!

I overhauled this next project with different hardware
and paint, I also added some metal details that you 
can all get if you just know where to look.

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