VINTAGE DESK in VINTAGE TURQUOISE - annie sloan painted desk

All of the Annie Sloan paint colors have a high volume of
pigment in them, this is 1 reason it can be used to dye fabric.
The vintage color on this project to the left was mixed using
AS paint. The AS color Florence, super rich aqua green is
an amazing ingredient to have on hand when playing with 
color mixes. To achieve this mix it only took a few drops
of Florence in white to achieve this soft turquoise.
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These days there are tons of choices in pretty
knobs to use in our homes but what or how do
you deal with the extra long post they have
sticking out of the back?  It is there to help
everyone install the knobs on just about any
cabinet but a lot of the time they are way too
long for normal use. 

This is an article to help you deal with that problem.

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MARKET DISPLAY STAND - european booth

I built this booth using discarded
bits of lumber and furniture parts.
It turned out exactly as I wanted,
like one of those European market
booths you see at Christmas.

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