This is my DIY map wall art I built from discarded
items and also PART TWO of the convertible
workstation created for Janome Canada in their
MAKER's SPACE series. For those who 
have not been following these projects, I was
challenged to re-purpose several second hand
items to use in a makers space and this project
can be made for decoration or for function.

It hangs on the wall easily and safely with "D" hangers
screwed into the back.


I built this wall art using an old hollow core door.
How many of you have replaced those boring hall way
doors and would like a fun way to re-purpose them?
First I cut the door almost in half using my jigsaw. This leaves
the hollow part showing on the cut edge so I trimmed
the open edge with a piece of  scrap 1" x 1/2" lumber.
I attached it with some glue and screws. 


I filled all the blemishes and seams with wood filler
before painting the door in a soft cream color.

Once that was dry it was time to apply the art.
I used a map I found in an old book of mine. No one really even
 knew it was there just something folded up as an extra in the book,
 not expensive or fancy but it sure looks great now. 

You could use any poster type image. You could even print out an
 image from your home computer across several sheets of regular
8 x 11 paper, and piece them together as your art.

I adhered and added a protective coating to the map with Mod Podge 

Mod Podge glue, a paint brush, and a container for the glue

I watered down the mod podge in a measuring cup so it would 
spread easier. You should always move quickly when mod podging.
Don't skimp out on the adhesive layer and work in small sections.
After mine was glued down and dry I started layering mod podge 
on top to give it a protective top coat. I prefer doing multiple thin
 layers that dry quickly as apposed to thick ones that don't dry.

My wall art was being made for the convertible workstation 
surface, so I added a tape measure to the edge using gold thumb 
tacks placed strategically over the "0". It is not seen when on the
 wall but is a great help when working.

Another helpful aid would be to use a cutting mat (below left)
on your workstation, it will protect your surface the best.
It can also be stored hidden tuck in behind the cabinets (below right)


Do you have a hollow core door you
have been inspired to re-purpose?

PART ONE on building and painting the
base cabinets can be found HERE.


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Here are just some of the items available for your projects.

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