VINTAGE FURNITURE REPAIRS - broken drawer joints

Recently I worked on a buffet that needed
major repairs. I photographed most of it
to share how I fixed each problem.
I'm hoping it can help a few of you to
take on a repair or two of your own.


Over the years drawers give out and many get repaired quickly to get on with life.
Like this drawer BELOW a lot of wood gets chipped and broken away and a normal repair 
just won't hold it together anymore.

Here is a closer look at some of the damage.



I got all the nails out and clean the joints of any old glue and debris. This takes patience
and every tool in the box. The slower I went the less damage I would need to repair. 
All these nails BELOW were from attempts to fix this buffet in the past. THAT'S A LOT!

I took several of the drawers apart because it makes it easier to rebuild them.
I glued and clamped the joints together one at a time. Where there was missing wood I used some 
masking tape as a form to hold the glue from leaking out. And I used gravity to get the glue all
the way through the joints by turning the drawers on end and pouring the glue from above.


For the final repair I waited until the next day for the joints to set up and then I glued a 1/2 inch x 1/2
 inch piece of wood securely in each corner, seen below. This really helps to make sure all that 
missing and chipped out wood is not going to be an issue any more. I clean up all my glue mess with 
a damp kitchen sponge.

Another repair can be found at this link:



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